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A dad and his dog: One day in lockdown

For a busy carpenter like Nick Centrone, sitting at home during the long, drawn out days of lockdown is nothing short of boring. He’s never watched so much TV in his life, and is itching to get out of the house and back to socialising and working. Luckily, Nick has his companion, Libby, by his side to keep his moods lifted every step of the way.

On a crisp Melbourne morning, Nick and Libby begin their day with a takeaway coffee. “Nothing beats a morning coffee,” says Nick. “And of course, I’ve got to get a dog biscuit for Libby too.”

Though he’s been pulled away from the worksite, Nick still finds a way to put his carpentry skills to work at home. Whether it’s fixing a fence, or building a caravan, Libby is there to help every step of the way.

For many, family board games have been a saving grace during lockdown, taking up time and occupying the mind as well. “Libby is very smart, we’ve taught her a lot of tricks,” says Nick. “Sadly she hasn’t yet fully mastered chess, maybe one day though.”

Though they can’t physically see their friends, Nick and Libby enjoy the pleasure of a FaceTime call to others, dreaming of a day where they can play fetch all together again soon

As dusk falls, Nick and Libby venture to their local park for their daily exercise, with Libby chasing the birds, and Nick watching on. Nick reflects on his days in lockdown and is grateful to have Libby by his side. “It’s helped a lot to have a furry friend during this time,” says Nick, “Though we’ve never spoken a word to each other, there is so much we share.”


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