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Bonnie’s Story

In this documentary we get to glimpse inside the complicated relationships that evolve within a family as they take on a pet.

15 years ago, Maddison Pettit’s dad, Craig, got a call from her mum, Jodie. It was call that shaped their lives as a family because at the end of it, the little puppy with the fey eyes and droopy ears was renamed “Bonnie” and went home on the back seat of the car.

Now, well into her 70’s Bonnie is no longer the rambunctious new “daughter” but has become the sweet, retiring ‘older lady’ of the house.

Told from the perspectives of everyone in the family, “Bonnie’s Story” offers a glimpse into something many of us are familiar with. Maddison was a third year media and communications student and even though she claims Bonnie as her own, you might conclude that Bonnie sees herself as every bodies.


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