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Stem cell therapy: Swinburne grant gives hope for arthritis

Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology have been given a share of $7 million to develop novel cartilage-based stem cell therapies.

The grant will allow researchers to develop the ability to live-print 3D stem cells which would greatly improve the lives of those living with osteoarthritis and facial disfigurement.

More than two million Australians live with the osteoarthritis, and one in 2000 newborns are born with microtia – an absent or poorly formed ear – which can lead to hearing loss, speech and literacy delays.

Report by Millicent Spencer and Aditi Kutty.

Interviews: Simon Moulton, professor of biomedical electromaterials science act Swinburne University; Louise Hardy, national policy and government relations manager for Arthritis Australia; PhD candidate Alexandre Xavier Mendes.


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