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Pole Angels: A multimedia story about pole dancing

<strong>Pole Angels: A multimedia story about pole dancing </strong>

Ever walked past a pole dancing studio and wondered what it was like on the inside?

In her multimedia work, Swinburne Media student Ann Nguyen takes us on a virtual tour of her local Pole Divas studio and gives us an inside look into the highly competitive world of pole dancing

Check out Ann’s report here:

Despite its seedy origins in strip clubs, pole dancing has become a mainstream form of dance and is growing in popularity amongst young women looking for a fun alternative to traditional fitness regimes like going to the gym or joining a dance class. While stories about pole studios are hardly new, this approach is on the people that form the rich and vibrant community of these pole studios – how pole dancing “saved” them” and what keeps them coming back?

While some women may be interested in the spectacle and impressive athleticism of pole dancers, others may be looking for a nudge to try the sport or unaware of the sisterhood and empowerment the sport can offer. This sisterhood is what surprised and interested Ann most when she visited Pole Divas for the first time in 2017. For her “pole sisters” out there thinking about trying the sport, she hope this provides the necessary nudge you need.

Through this project, Ann hopes to give viewers the sensory experience of walking into a Pole Studio for the first time – what sights, sounds and even smells can accost you as you walk through the door (hint: it smells a lot like female deodorant) and what is this rebellious feeling that comes from doing something that is considered taboo?

She want to give you this feeling, make you laugh and hopefully invert your perspective, like when you do a handspring to ayesha pole move for the first time.

When you walk through those doors, what preconceptions did you have when you entered and what will you leave behind?


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