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Afghanistan terror: 8 ways to help from your home

Afghanistan descended into chaos this week when the Taliban took control of Kabul and declared an interim government.

The militant Islamic group stormed through the country capturing all the major cities, with Kabul being their final stop.

Since the Taliban’s return to power anyone who worked with Western governments, government officials, journalists, human rights defenders and women have become targets of the new regime, and many have been killed.

Many fear the harsh laws that applied in the 1990s – women were barred from working outside the home and from receiving education – will be reinstated.

Women also had to have their face covered in a burqa and always be accompanied by a male outside their home.

The Taliban has put in place an interim government which has promised to be respectful of women’s rights within Islamic law. But on the same day they made these promises a woman was shot dead in the streets of Afghanistan for not wearing a burqa.

Many teenage girls have already been abducted and forced to be “wives” to Taliban soldiers.

The world has watched in horror and disbelief as thousands of Afghans rushed to the airport hoping to flee the country. 

US forces have secured Kabul airport and are among many countries that are attempting to evacuate as many people out as they can.

However, the Taliban has now closed the access points and have checkpoints on all roads leading to the airport. 

Many people have reported being beaten, hit with weapons and whipped by Taliban militants when attempting to escape, with many deaths and serious injuries in the chaos.

How you can help

Here are some ways that you can help from your home.

  1. Donate to the Afghanistan Emergency Appeal.

  2. Donate to the UNHRC – The UN Refugee Agency Australia for UNHRC.

  3. Donate to UNICEF Australia to help children in Afghanistan.

  4. Donate to The HADIA Foundation – an Australian registered charity.

  5. Donate to MAHBOBA’S PROMISE – an Australian aid organisation.

  6. Donate to Women for Women International.

  7. Donate to Afghanaid.

  8. Donate to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

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