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Coronavirus and religion: The New World Order conspiracy

A Christian pastor in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs says the Government’s response to Covid-19 shows Antichrist is in control of the Australian Government.

Paul Furlong, pastor at the Revival Gospel Healing Ministries church in Narre Warren, said the Australian Government did not have the public’s best interest at the forefront of their concerns.

“[The government is deceiving Australians] because they want control. They want power. They want to dictate,” Mr Furlong said.

He said he was disappointed with how both the state and the national government were handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I thought with Morrison, and of course proclaiming himself a Christian, I thought we’d have a better run with him. This was not the case,” Mr Furlong said.

Coronavirus and religion: The New World Order conspiracy

Paul Furlong. Photo

“Coronavirus is real, but it’s nothing like what they’re saying. Liberal and Labor have both got the agenda of the One World Government and (are) playing into the hands of the big dictators worldwide.”

The One World Government, also known as the New World Order, refers to “the eventual emergence of Satan’s Antichrist global government”, according to

“The Book of Revelation … declares exactly where we’re at now with what the whole world is going through,” Mr Furlong said.

Mr Furlong has travelled to more than 20 countries over the past 11 years to preach.

His teachings reach more than 5000 followers through his Facebook page and more than 4000 on The Revival Facebook page.

In a poll released by The Guardian, 70 per cent of voters said they have been kept informed on the situation and 63 per cent trust the Australian Government and Scott Morrison’s lead.

Coronavirus and religion: The New World Order conspiracy

Legal restrictions concerning the coronavirus have some members of the public questioning government intentions. Photographer: Ella Paine

Peter Ashdown, pastor at the Pentecostal South Eastern Christian Centre in Endeavour Hills, said the government was doing everything it could.

In response to Mr Furlong’s allegations of the rise of the Antichrist, Mr Ashdown said: “We can’t specifically say that … it’s very subjective to say that.”

“There are extremist viewpoints out there, certainly the Christian church has a lot,” Mr Ashdown said.

“Many cults and religious organisations have predicted the return of the Lord and every one of them have come up short, making them look totally stupid.”

“In a world that’s so anti-God at the minute, I think for people to be saying that sort of stuff makes them look like total nutcases.”


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