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Invincible: Amazon delivers a bold new take on the superhero genre

A teenager developing superpowers is a story we’ve seen time and time again on both the big and small screen.

It has become a trope of the superhero genre, but Invincible proves that with a unique twist on the idea, it can become fresh once more. 

The Walking Dead comic book creator and producer of the TV adaptation Robert Kirkman now brings us Invincible, an adult animated superhero show based on his comic book series of the same name.

Invincible ultimately follows the life of 17-year-old Mark Grayson (voiced by Steven Yuen), who is starting to develop superpowers, thanks to his unusual ancestry.

While his mother Debbie (Sandra Oh) is human, his father Nolan (J.K. Simmons) is an alien from the planet Viltrum.

Tensions begin to escalate within the family when Mark decides that he wants to embrace his powers and become a hero like his father, who is this world’s equivalent of Superman.

Along with Mark’s dangerous new life direction, a mystery begins to unfold about a traumatic event that shakes up the world of superheroes forever.

The series has many surprises in store, so it’s best to go in blind (unless you’ve already read the comic series) and be shocked by the twists and turns that this series takes.

Backing up Invincible’s central mystery and Mark’s superhero feats is the show’s massive cast of stars lending their voices to the series.

Invincible: Amazon delivers a bold new take on the superhero genre

A line up of some of Invincible’s main characters. Image:

Joining the central trio are a variety of actors, comedians and voice acting royalty, including Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker), Seth Rogen, Grey Griffin, and so many more.

The ensemble cast is outstanding but unfortunately, this first season cannot give all their characters lots of screen time. Some of the show’s memorable characters are sidelined from the season’s overall arc and larger stories.

With the show already renewed for a second and third season (woo-hoo!), hopefully Invincible will be able to bring more of these characters to the forefront of the show’s central narrative and explore them further.

It is also worth noting the show’s graphic violence that earns Invincible an “adult” MA15+ rating. It’s incredibly gory at times which can be a serious turnoff for some viewers.

For those that stick around, it makes for many both exhilarating and terrifying action scenes.

Overall, the first season of Invincible is truly excellent, and there are many interesting routes these characters could take in the future.

If you’re looking for a new take on the superhero genre, a good drama with some superhero action in the mix, or just someone who enjoys all things superhero, Invincible is sure to quickly grab your attention and leave you wanting more.


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