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9 tips to take back control of your health

It takes a team to take back control of your health, says naturopath Nadia Woods.

That team—of health professionals, specialists in their fields—is what brings the best results.

But that doesn’t mean you should “manage with and put up with pain and discomfort”, which is what too many health professionals will tell you, Nadia says.

 “Some conditions do come with age, but it’s important someone tells you—you don’t deserve to feel like this,” Nadia says.

“It’s significant really that since the first day of lockdown last year there hasn’t been a single person I’ve seen that hasn’t had some sort of anxiety or depression.”

Covid-19 saturation can be overwhelming, exacerbating some conditions. Nadia says the number of people she sees rises with every lockdown extension.

She offers these tips for taking control of your health.

9 tips to take back control of your health

Nadia Woods from Woods Naturopathy. Picture by Justin Hanger

1. Notice when things affect you

Nadia has a long list of questions you should ask yourself to make you fully aware of what’s going on in and around you:

What makes you anxious/nervous/angry? What’s been going on? What have I eaten? What’s my internal dialogue? What season is it? What time of day?

2. Eat better

Break up with processed food, Nadia advises.

Try an individualised plan to ensure you are feeding every cell in your body. Even then some people can’t absorb enough vitamins and minerals from food. To achieve adequate nutrition, consider supplementing.

3. Be watchful after meals, too

“Pay attention to how you feel after eating,” Nadia says.

While it may be easy to write-off the bloated feeling after a big meal at times, there may be other reasons for feeling ill.

For example, common foods like gluten or dairy can have a significant impact on how we feel.

Get checked for intolerances to start enjoying food again.

4. Drink more water

Rehydrate every morning and throughout the day. Every cell requires water, and it’s important for waste removal, joint lubrication, protecting tissue and temperature regulation.

Drinking water will improve mental alertness. Fill you up so you are less likely to crave an unhealthy snack or caffeine throughout the day.

5. Make healthy lifestyle choices

Avoid toxins, hormone reducing chemicals, drugs and alcohol.

9 tips to take back control of your health

Naturopathy. From Woods Naturopathy Website,

6. Sleep more

Implement a routine to wind down. Get off your devices an hour before bedtime. For prolonged issues with tiredness, look into other causes like adrenal fatigue.

7. Exercise outdoors to get your vitamin D each day from the sun

It’s a great mood enhancer and a great way to ease feelings of claustrophobia from travel restrictions.

8. Stop believing pain is a necessary part of your condition

It’s possible to alleviate symptoms of many ailments, Nadia says.

Simple diet changes can have you living without discomfort and pain. Natural supplements may assist the body heal, recover or detoxify.

9. Don’t self diagnose – get the help you deserve

“You need to check-in, with those you really trust for your health,” Nadia says. Make sure you are heard by a health professional.

Not all “naturopaths” are qualified. In Australia look for TGA registration, she says.

Creating a team by actively exploring multiple avenues may benefit your health significantly, she says. Start reclaiming your health, you are not alone on this journey.

“You need to check-in with those you really trust for your health,” she says.


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